Vol 5, No 1 (2020)

Regular issue

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15679/bjwr.v5i1

Preface from the new Editor in Chief
This issue of Balkan Journal of Wildlife Research (BJWR) is the first to appear under my editorship. The previous Editor in Chief, Professor Dr. Mihajla Djan of the Faculty of sciences, University of Novi Sad has helped to develop it into a unique journal in our region which contribute to all aspects of game and wildlife biology.
On this behalf, I want to thank Professor Dr Mihajla Djan (Editor in Chief from 2014–2020) and Editorial Board for their efforts as well as for recruiting me to the Editorial Board.
Creating a journal from scratch is no easy feat, especially when its desired destination is to be a journal of high quality. In order to succeed in this endeavor the journal and, by association, its editor need to attract quality papers which are not only read, but also cited.
An important step in this direction is our (Editorial board) recent decision to re-organize the topic of the journal, and ad to the content a scientific area fisheries (incl. aquaculture). In the new frame, the journal will publish also theoretical and practical papers relating to laboratory and field experimental studies on all aspects of fisheries and aquaculture. The journal will provide an international forum for the publication of papers in the areas of fisheries and aquaculture science, fishing technology, fisheries management, all aspects of associated ecology and relevant socio-economics as well.
Finally, on behalf of myself, all editorial team, the Balkan Wildlife Scientific Society, and Visio Mundi as a publisher, I want to convey our general thanks to the authors and reviewers. It is they who have primary responsibility for the actual content and the success of BJWR
As an Editor-in-Chief, I welcome suggestions, discussions and thoughts from the authors and readers to help me to understand and rectify any problems with the Journal.
I am enthusiastic about this opportunity and look forward to a great experience over the next few years!

Prof. Dr. Miroslav I. Urosevic

Editor-in-Chief of the Balkan Journal of Wildlife Research


Table of Contents

Bendegúz Mihalik, Szilvia Kusza, Viktor Stéger, George Wanjala, Zsolt Németh
Oliver Stevanovic, Igor Trbojević, Smiljana Paraš, Drago Nedić, Tijana Trbojević
Zoran A. Ristic, Miroslav I. Urosevic, Nemanja Z. Ristic, Milosava Matejevic, Igor Ponjiger, Milutin Kovacevic, Predrag Cirovic, Aleksandra Prodanović
Jovan Mirčeta, Jelena Petrović
Ivana Matić, Iva Gorše, Milomir Stefanović, Mihajla Djan, Nevena Veličković